Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much area is required?
Our castles require either a 5metre or 7metre space (depending on the castle you hire) and the area also needs to be 0.5 Metres away from fences, house eves and other structures. If you don't have enough room in your backyard, we have in the past set up in front yards and even driveways.

2. What surface can the castle go on?
Our castles can be set up on a variety of surfaces. Grass, concrete, paving, asphalt and even half grass and half concrete (As long as where the two surfaces meet is even) the important factor is that the surface is FLAT and has no sharp objects that could damage the castle. Please let us know the surface type as different equipment is required for certain surfaces.

3. Do I need to do anything before the castle arrives?
Please check that the area is free from sharp objects and animal waste. The area should be clear of overhanging trees, clotheslines and power lines.

4. How much access is required to the set-up area?
At least one metre of access is required. The castle will need to be wheeled by trolley into the area. The castles are HEAVY and are usually delivered by ONE person so they can't be lifted. Please let us know if there are any steps or steep inclines when booking.

5. Should the castle be supervised?
Yes, supervision of children in the castles is required at all times. All of our castles have the rules on the front of the castle. If you need a supervisor we are happy to stay around. Prior notice for a supervisor is required. A supervisor will cost an additional per hour rate on top of the Castle hire.

6. What happens if it is raining and/or high winds on the day of my event?
On the morning of the event, if it is raining and/or high winds, we will call you to discuss the situation and at this time you can cancel if you wish. The castles will handle light rain and light winds, however, if the weather conditions are extreme (High Winds/Storms/Heavy Rain) in most cases the hire will need to be cancelled. If the conditions clear we are happy to stay in touch and set-up at a later time if this suits.

7. Can you set-up a castle for an event in a park or public area?
Yes, as long as you have permission from the appropriate authorities. (Local council or Parks Victoria) We will need access to power.  In most cases an event in a public area will require supervision by one of our friendly team. A supervisor will cost an additional per hour rate on top of the Castle hire.

8. Can I move the castle after it has been set-up?
The castle SHOULD NOT be moved by anyone other than an employee of Casey Castles.  The castle will be set-up with your consultation; once you are happy with the area selected, stakes, heavy water bottles and/or sandbags will be used to secure the castle.

9. Can I extend the hire time once the castle is set up?
Yes, you can extend the hire time, but you will need to call Casey Castles 30min before pick up to check the availability of the castle. If the extended time goes past 8pm then a late pick up fee will apply.

10. Do you have Insurance?
Yes, we have up to $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. We are more than happy to provide you with a copy of our cover.

11. How do I pay?
Payment needs to be made by cash at the completion of the set-up of the castle or by cheque if previously arranged.

For further information on our castles or to make a booking please do not hesitate to contact us.